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I am always pleased to lose business to this group of gifted professionals. At one point in time, you loved each other. I believe you owe it to yourself, your children, and the years that you have invested to attempt counseling. Many times counseling is covered by your health insurance. Contact the numbers below to see if they accept your coverage.

There are many qualified counselors in town, however, I have worked with and recommend these individuals:

  • Floyd Covey – 901-854-9030
  • Rhonda Payne – 901-767-0990
  • Jane Clement – 901-755-1778

For a complete list of counselors in the area, click here.

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Credit Counselors in Tennessee

a list of court approved credit counselors for your ticket into bankruptcy.

Request for Proof of Income

Use our form to request your former spouse/child’s parent w-2’s, tax returns, proof of life or health insurance. As mentioned on Drake and Zeke 2/145/2011.

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